Julie Edwards Photographer

Maternity Family Portraits

Waiting for a new baby to arrive is a very special time for a family.  Having portraits made while you are expecting is a great way of documenting and preserving this short period in a family’s history.

If you’re wondering about maternity or pregnancy portraits, I recommend right about seven months.  Usually at that point, you are feeling good, the baby bump is well-defined, and you’re still pretty comfortable.  Closer to your due date, you might start feeling tired or not as mobile.

A new baby is a big change for any family, but for a big sister-to-be it’s especially significant.  You can see she’s daddy’s girl and nothing will change that!

I always like to include the dog in family portraits.  After all, pets are family, too!

We were lucky enough to have grandma and a cousin around for this session, so I got a few of them, too.

Color portraits are wonderful, but I like black and white, too, so I’m showing a few of these in both color and black and white.

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