Julie Edwards Photographer

Coronado Wedding

Yesterday’s wedding was at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Coronado, a lovely 1920 art deco style building.

I was second shooting for Patrick Lockwood, of Rings and Roses, again. Second shooting means he’s the contracted photographer, and my job is to fill out the coverage since he can’t be in two places at once. I enjoy second shooting because it gives me a chance to watch another pro at work and to practice and try new things, as well as having the opportunity to work in more venues. Photography is like anything else- the more practice and experience the better.

The bride and her mother arrived in a classic 1929 Durant automobile. Great car, and it matched the wedding colors!

During the ceremony… One of the ring bearers was a little restless! But really, what is more miserable than a small boy in a tux?

The reception was at the Coronado Community Center, a great place right on Glorietta Bay. The couple danced two choreographed dances for the first dance- they were great!

This was a dancing crowd. Here’s the groom with his daughter.

Junior bride’s maids having a good time.

And can you guess the song for this one?

The flowers and decorations for this event were gorgeous. Lots and lots of fresh flowers, and nautilus shells throughout. The flower girls carried shells like these with basket handles. So cute.

Speaking of flower girls, here’s one now, letting loose on the dance floor.

All in all, a fun day I was happy to be a part of.

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